Essential Core Healing

Essential Core healing works at a deep level to free blockages, which have formed in most people during childhood,and which can colour the way you view life throughout adulthood… such that, in the end, you are given a chance to know yourself as you truly are, and to live life to its full potential.

Essential Core healing is a new form of healing, which is channelled through and developed by Marianne Lane.
This is a transcript of Marianne’s video on Essential Core Healing in Danish:

What is childhood trauma and the reflex-area?
I would like to tell you about core healing. Core healing is a healing method I use which heals childhood trauma. Childhood trauma is a relevant thing to heal, because, in principle, it comes to rest in ourinnermost self, our deepest self, and programmes us to exhibit patterns of behaviour based on some of the beliefs which we cannot help but follow.

This programming becomes part of us because, between the ages of 0-7 years of age, much of our focus is on language and motor skills.
Though this, a connection is made to the reflex-area, as I call it, and via the reflex-area, to what I consider our core; like our original core, with which we started. And I perceive that our original core, with which we started, consists of a number of different elements.

What is the core?
I see that the core has elements which consist of your mentality, our emotional-being, our temperament,and along with that, I also believe, a contribution from the soul.

And in this way, we have an origin, a starting point, which is completely our own, and which is constant throughout our lives.

How does core damage occur during childhood?
When we, between the age of 0 and 7, have experiences, which are either very traumatizing or which can put pressure on us in various ways, such that we pick up incorrect convictions about ourselves and about the world, we can place those beliefs in our core where they become limitations.

So instead of expressing ourselves as we truly are, we end up expressing those beliefs.

What are the post-childhood consequences of core damage?
What happens around the age of 7 is that the way into the reflex-area closes enough such that our core can no longer be damaged. From that point onward, we enter a new phase in life, where we truly begin to build up our core.

I see it as layers of an onion, with the layers having a dynamic expression. Whereas the original core is static, and doesn’t change over time, the built-up core is dynamic and doesn’t have the same effect on us when we are 15 compared to when we are 45.

The dynamic layers contain our beliefs or our attitudes in relation to how we view the world and how we view ourselves – How we relate to war, how we relate to love, how we relate to conflicts and closeness. All these different ways we relate to things, rest in the attached parts, like the layers of an onion.

Primary Beliefs and Derived Beliefs
Core healing, itself, reaches in to the deepest – the original – part, and heals the damage (childhood trauma) which has built up. Basically, each childhood trauma forms a “false” primary belief, which have a fundamental ring to it:
‘I’m wrong’, ‘Life is painful’, ‘I’m alone’,’I’m worthless’ – or a whole variety of other beliefs which lie inside. Many people have several such beliefs.

These primary beliefs, which are entirely fundamental beliefs, can be viewed as the trunk (or trunks) of a tree. Some have a structure consisting of two trunks, or some can have one trunk… others can have three. I’ve seen all the way up to four primary beliefs.

Out of each of these trunks, things like branches grow. And on these branches are knots, and on the twigs, the leaves grow, and each of them represents beliefs which build on the primary beliefs. So there’s, in principle, a whole forest of beliefs by which we live our lives which are built on top of these primary beliefs which have been programmed into us during childhood.

The Meaning of Beliefs within the Reflex-Area
When beliefs are programmed into us, they take on the characteristics of reflexes, most likely because they reside in the reflex-area, and that means that they become just as true to us as that the sky is blue, or that if we let go of something, it will fall.

That also means that they acquire a sort of reflex-like trigger, so that if someone touches something in us, which makes us react according to these primary beliefs, for example, “I am worthless”, giving me that feeling, then it also triggers an emotional reaction in myself. And perhaps also a behaviour pattern, completely like a reflex, can rain down on me, and cause me to react without thinking, without my being able to prevent it, even though I might be able to see that it was wrong if I observed it from the outside.

This is the telltale sign of core damage. It reaches inside us and prevents us from following our true nature, and instead, gets us to be many things which aren’t a natural part of who we are.

The Process after Core Healing – The Dynamic Layer
When you have received core healing, you have been healed all the way into your fundamental core, and that pain which lay in your fundamental core has been healed.

As I see it, it’s similar, in principle, to removing weeds, and I remove the roots of the weeds, while the rest of the weed remains in the layers which reside around the original core – the dynamic layers. In these layers, you will need to go in, yourself, and clean up, and there are many good reasons to do this.

One of the good reasons that you need to clean up yourself is that you have a reasonable degree of freewill, when you look at the way you relate to yourself and to the world, in any case when you don’t have core damage.

As, quite often, core damage has so strong a hold on us that we aren’t able to make our own choices. But if you are free of core damage, and you start being able to make your own choices, then you have a reasonable degree of freedom in how you choose to express yourself as a human being.

If I could heal you such that you were completely whole, also out in those layers, I would, in principle, be deciding who you are, and, of course, I cannot do that.

In addition, there are also a whole group of life-strategies, which, when we go around with core damage, prevent us from having the opportunity to develop our full abilities in relation to dealing with life, because we are blocked by our feelings of being wrong, alone or worthless.

Your development process after core healing depends on which type of core damage has been healed. When we go about with such strong beliefs, it can be very problematic for us to figure out how to manage our lives.

In addition, there is a difference depending on which types of trauma we have. If we have some verysevere trauma caused by violent experiences, it can be more difficult to clean up in the other layers; it’s been more difficult for us to create and develop our skills at living life, which we can build on, as compared to the situation where we have our trauma, which might have exactly the same characteristics, but in our original core, caused by our having been brought up somewhat harshly with regard to our emotional being.

In that case, there will often have been opportunities to have built-up a certain degree of life skills, and that is much easier to clean out.
But in all cases after core healing, regardless of whether we can clean out ourselves, regardless of whether we enter this process with enthusiasm, or whether we just let it happen, the weeds will wither in time.

When there is no longer a basis for inappropriate behaviour patterns, we cannot be bothered to continue creating drama, and we will automatically begin to move toward being calm, and toward a stable condition.

Of course, there are some of us who, as human beings, have a tendency to create more drama than others and that won’t change, but it will come from a much calmer, authentic starting point compared to when it comes from reaction resulting from core damage.

Core Healing gives you the freedom to make your own decisions.
The feedback I have received from core healing sessions, which have gradually grown to be many in number, is that many people feel a great degree of freedom, because they have fought for years to let go of these behaviour patterns which they could see were hampering them, and that every time they have let them go, they felt that as life marched on, changed character, those behaviour patterns were suddenly there again.

And that is also one of the reasons that you need to heal your own dynamic part of your core,because you are about to begin building strategies that ensure that your way of dealing with life also works in other situations.

Core Healing gives you the freedom to get to know yourself, as you truly are.
The last reason, of which I am aware, that you, yourself, must heal your dynamic layer in the core, is that if we have been very blocked by our childhood trauma and primary beliefs, and the resulting beliefs which they have generated, then it hasn’t actually been possible for you to get to know who you are.

If you havebeen very blocked, you don’t know yourself. You know your pains and your limitations, but not your true, authentic nature. Perhaps, it peeks through every once in a while, and you can almost catch it, but it’s difficult to get a hold of it.

So the last reason to clean up the dynamic layers yourself is actually so that you can learn to know yourself.

Blockages reside in the dynamic layers.
The original damage, itself, rests down in our roots in our energy system. And it does this because it concerns our overall view of life.

The blockages which I see resulting from core damage lie anchored in our energy system. And if I go through the energy system, that is where I find them, in the centre area, just over the roots.

Examination of Blockages Resulting from Core Damage/blockages which I look at when I perform core healing.

This is the centre for our needs and satisfaction as human beings. It has to do with the completely human need for fulfilment, which our sexuality awakens, the consumption of food, but also a good movie, a sunset, a hug or laughing out loud, mental challenges or expressions of our self in many, very Earthly ways, which make us who we are as human beings.
A lot of people have blockages in this area as a result of core damage, and have a belief like “I am wrong”, or “undeserving”, or “worthless”, which gives them blockages preventing them from receiving that input.

The next area where I see blockages is the area relating to equal worth and relationships, which when completely in balance, give us equality with ourselves and with others.
Quite often, there are blockages in this area which cause us to see ourselves as inferior, as outcast and alone, and not a part of the community.

In the area over that, lies the heart and heart area, or heart-centre. It takes care of the exchange of the higher aspects of human need.
These are love, solidarity with others, compassion and those kinds of
And a very great number of people also have blockages in this area – blockages both in terms of
being able to accept and express love.
I experience that, often, the potential to express love open in connection with having children, or in connection with feelings of worthlessness or of being wrong that we see, by giving to others, that we give ourselves value and, by doing this, get a chance to be able to open up to giving love.
This is, however, a very sorrowful way to express love, because we will always come in
contact with that love which we don’t receive ourselves.
The last area where blockages reside is the throat area. The throat area, takes care of communication, not just communication with other people, as we know it, but also communication with ourselves, how we see situations, how we interpret conflicts and interactions.
Our ability to look at a situation and see it from several sides stems from the throat-area.
And a very large number of people have blockages, also from other areas which are securely locked in the throat, just like the throat can have its own blockages, which result in problems in formulating or interacting with others, which can result in problems with maintaining a positive outlook on life by being able to see ways out or being able to see the way forward.

Blockages and Fixed Thought-Patterns
All these blockages, of which there are many more than those mentioned here, many more possibilities, many more complications, are released through core healing; the entire system is set right. This means that we get the possibility to let go.

Out in the dynamic layers, where we need to let go ourselves, this now becomes possible, because the source of the original pain is gone.
But due to mankind’s built-in, or rather, manner of being put together, where there are built-in, fixed, thought-patterns and some pure ones, which were originally smart, before human beings began being imbued with souls.

And that is… for example, that it was useful, back when we went down after water by the water-hole, that we found a safe and secure path and that we chose that path every time. That’s why we prefer to sit on the same seat on the bus, or on the same chair by the dinner table every time we eat.
This built-in locking is what we need to work against when we need to let go.

If you have previously worked a lot with letting go of your patterns, then it feels like a kind of liberation to be allowed to let go.
Several of those I have worked with, who have received core healing, who have worked a lot with themselves, where I have said, “Yes, but it’s not really magic, since, afterward, you need to work intensely yourself,” have told me, “Yes, well, it is magic, since now I have the freedom to choose, and I didn’t have that before.”

What can you expect in the period after you have received core healing?
For most people, there is a period of around two months after core healing, which is most intense. Life usually assists you by looking after you and challenging you and giving you all the possibilities you have to deal with all the issues and all the details in your blockages.

It never comes faster than your ability to handle it, because these are guided instructions, and guided healing, and guided help; and that means that what comes to you afterward, comes in the form of that which is absolutely best for you.

In addition, there is supportive healing which accompanies you during the first two months, and that means that you should preferably avoid receiving healing other than that which is secured in the new energy framework.

The framework of the new era.
After two months, it’s not completely over. In principle, it can take a long time before every stone has been turned, and I see it as a kind of process, which is like a snake shedding its skin, where we need to let go of all the ways we see ourselves and the way we see life, from the point-of-view of our old pain, and instead, to go in and find out what our authentic expression is – what our authentic reaction is.

As part of this process, it is often necessary to go in, many times, and get a grip on many of the old things, – and I received a picture of this – that it’s like taking off a bandage, very gently, and in small steps.

And it hurts, but it’s delightful, and it’s always exciting to find out what lies underneath. And that experience of letting go of the bandage and of being able to slide in and get a hold of our authentic nature, is always a reduction in drama – with much more calm, far fewer emotional swings, and much more stability, and most of all, space to live.

Because we, both with the opening of the blockages such that we can begin to take in life, but also with less space used for drama, and much more space used for life in ourselves, free up space such that there, in fact, is time and energy to do the things that we are intended to do as human beings.